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Part 5:  Traditional Jazz  (10" and 12" LP albums)  
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Red Allen meets Kid Ory Young Louis Armstrong Louis ArmstrongOliver10 Armstrong Hot Five Armstrong Hot Seven Louis Armstrong at the Crescendo vol 2 Louis Armstrong plays W.C. Handy Paul Barbarin Chris Barber / Ottilie Patterson Chris Barber Plays vol 3 Chris Barber in Concert Chris Barber in Concert vol 2 Chris Barber in Concert vol 3 Chris Barber in Berlin Sidney Bechet Blue Note 7001 Sidney Bechet Blue Note 1201 Bix Beiderbecke: Bix and his Gang Bix Beiderbecke: Bix and Tram Kid Howard featuring Albert Burbank Ken Colyer: New Orleans to London Ken Colyer: Back to the Delta Ken Colyer: Club Session Crane River Jazz Band vol 3 Crane River Jazz Band vol 4 Crane River Jazz Band Ken Colyer: This is Jazz Ken Colyer plays Standards Ken Colyer: This is the Blues Eddie Condon: Bixieland Wilbur De Paris: Marchin' and Swingin' Wilbur de Paris Symphony Hall Johnny Dodds Washboard Band Johnny Dodds New Orleans Clarinet Johnny Dodds and Kid Ory The Eureka Brass Band Bud Freeman Austin High Comes Jazz Bobby Hackett Coast Concert Edmond Hall Blue Note 5026 Edmund Hall Blue Note 7007 Edmund Hall Blue Note Mosaic Box Cap'n John Handy: New Orleans Capt John Handy: In the Groove Cap'n John Handy: Handyman vol 1 Cap'n John Handy: Handyman vol 2 Cap'n John Handy: All Aboard 1 Cap'n John Handy: All Aboard 2 Cap'n John Handy: All Aboard 3 Art Hodes: Out of the Back Room Kid Howard: Mono Records 10 Bunk Johnson 1942 Bunk Johnson Commodore Bunk Johnson Blues and Spirituals Bunk Johnson Jazz Man Records Bunk Johnson New Orleans 1944 10 Bunk Johnson 1944 Bunk Johnson: 1944 Bunk Johnson: 1944 vol 2 Bunk Johnson Talking Bunk Johnson 1945-46 Bunk Johnson with Yerba Buena Jazz Band Bunk Johnson - Sidney Bechet Bunk Johnson: Last Testament James P Johnson: Jazz Band Ball Max Kaminsky Jazz on the Campus Tommy Ladnier plays the Blues Tommy Ladnier Mezz Mezzrow Tommy Ladnier George Lewis with Kid Shots George Lewis American Music 639 George Lewis Ragime Band George Lewis Echoes of New Orleans George Lewis Jam Session George Lewis: Ice Cream George Lewis Doctor Jazz George Lewis The Singing Clarinet George Lewis On Parade George Lewis New Orleans Stompers George Lewis New Orleans Stomper vol 2 George Lewis: Concert The Perennial George Lewis George Lewis: Didn't He Ramble George Lewis: Dr Jazz Verve George Lewis: On Stage vol 1 George Lewis: On Stage vol 2 George Lewis: Blues from the Bayou George Lewis: Preservation Hall Humphrey Lyttelton Humphrey Lyttelton at the Royal Festival Hall Humphrey Lyttelton Jazz Session Punch Miller Rarities 1929-1930 Punch Miller Savoy Session Punch Miller 1960 Punch Miller: featuring Israel Gorman Punch Miller at Preservation Hall Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton Riverside Turk Murphy Jazz Band Big Eye Louis Nelson American Music Wooden Joe Nicholas Wooden Joe Nicholas Jimmie Noone Jazzmakers King Oliver King Oliver plays the Blues King Oliver King Oliver Uptown Jazz Original Dixieland Jass Band Kid Ory Creole Jazz Band 1944/45 Kid Ory 1944 Kid Ory 1954 Kid Ory: This Kid's the Greatest Kid Ory 1955 Ma Rainey: Broken Hearted Blues Jim Robinson New Orleans Band Jim Robinson plays Spirituals and Blues Jim Robinson and his New Orleans Band Pee Wee Russell Storyville 10 Bob Scobey's Frisco Band Bessie Smith vol 1 Bessie Smith vol 2 Bessie Smith vol 3 Bessie Smith vol 4 Jabbo Smith vol 1 Jabbo Smith vol 2 Muggsy Spanier: The Great 16 Muggsy Spanier's Ragtimers Muggsy Spanier's Ragtimers Victoria Spivey: Legacy of The Blues Storyville Creepers Jack Teagarden Urania vol 1 Jack Teagarden Urania vol 2 Kid Thomas 1959 Kid Thomas: Sleepy Time Gal Kid Thomas: Sonnets from Algiers Kid Thomas amd his Algiers Stompers Kid Thomas amd his Algiers Stompers 2 Kid Thomas: The December Band Tuba Skinny: Owl Call Clues Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jass Band 1941 Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jass Band Clarence Williams VJM Astoria Hot Eights Revivaljazz Från skolbands-jazzens födelse