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The pioneers of album cover design

David Stone Martin

The photographic covers

Searching for a modern jazz identity

BLUE NOTE  1500 series
Defining the hard bop style

BLUE NOTE  4000 series
Masterpieces of Reid Miles

Images of East Coast jazz

Street cred with Thelonious Monk

Moods of Chet and Claxton

Cool West Coast, great Sound

Masterworks by Charlie Parker

Small label, big Bird sound

Bold and striking albums

The classic drummer logo label

The beautiful design of Burt Goldblatt

Artist-operated jazz label with Mingus & Roach

Legendary, early 1960s LPs

Free jazz and silk screened covers

Edgy and experimental

The high spirit of Jim Flora

VARIOUS US labels (1)
ABC-Paramount, Aladdin, Argo, Capitol, Coral, Dawn, Decca,
and more

VARIOUS US labels (2)
Epic, Fantasy, HiFi, Imperial, Jazzland, Jazz West, Jubilee, Mercury, Mode, and more

VARIOUS US labels (3)
Roost, Signal, Storyville, Tampa, Transition, United Artists, Vee Jay, and more


The EP era and Metronome Records in 1950s

The LPs in the 1950s, and Swedish jazz abroad

Changing times in the 1960s

New energy to Swedish jazz in the 1970s

Montmartre, Debut Records and the heydays in Danish jazz

Krog and Garbarek, greats in Norwegian jazz

Plenty of merged styles in Finnish jazz

Americans in Paris, force in French jazz

Esquire and Tempo, classic labels in British jazz

Jazz labels with strong identity

Rare Italian jazz covers

From Diamonds to ICP in
Dutch jazz

Unique series of Polish jazz on Muza

Jazz labels around the world

Charlie Parker at Nalen Charlie Parker at Nalen 1950


The EP era and Metronome Records in the 1950s

Almost all recordings in Sweden in the 1950s were issued on EPs, the little 7" 45rpm album. The leading record label was Metronome, which released about 500 albums during the decade, most of them jazz records.

In the 1950s Sweden was kind of the center of European jazz. Lots of gifted musicians had plenty of venues to play, and could make their living on jazz. Jazz was still the young people´s music, and there were huge and interested audiences. There were radio programs, special jazz magazines and also jazz features and reviews in weekly magazines and daily newspapers. And there were an abundance of jazz records.

Many Americans visited the country, played in concerts and clubs and made recordings with the domestic stars. The best Swedish musicians became wellknown over the jazz world.

   A Night at Nalen
    HMV EP from 1956: "A Night at Nalen"

Jazz every night from three stages

The top jazz activities were concentrated to Stockholm, and the number one jazz club was Nalen. In fact a dance saloon but with three stages, from where jazz was playing every night by the Swedish top musicans plus American guests such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz and many others.

         Metronome white-purple label

METRONOME RECORDS was founded in Stockholm 1949 by the jazz drummer Anders Burman, his brother Lars and a friend, Börje Ekberg. A Danish division was founded in 1950 and a German in 1954.

Starting with 78s, the first 10" jazz LP was issued in 1951. Another about 10 LPs followed, before the first EP-album was released in 1953. This format was dominated into the early 1960s then the 12" LP broke through.

Then, in the 1960s, Metronome more and more went to pop music.

         Metronome dark green label

Stig Söderqvist was the house designer at Metronome. He was also known as a top jazz musician, playing trumpet and valve trombone with Bernt Rosengren and others. Söderqvist created hundreds of covers for the label, sometimes with excellent liner drawings which shows affenity to the works of David Stone Martin.

Bengt H. Malmqvist was the most hired photographer. Daytime he worked for newspapers, but spent the nights on jazz clubs and concert halls. With his camera he documented almost every visting american jazzstar in Stockholm in the 1950s.

The pictures were sold to the Swedish jazz magazine Orkester Journalen and the English Melody Maker. Bengt H. Malmqvist was soon discovered by Metronome and his career went to specializing in album cover photography for many years. He made more than 700 covers into the early 1990s.

Malmqvist´s many EP cover photographs are a true documentary of Swedish jazzlife in the 1950s. He also documented the early Swedish rock&roll scene, and later became a portrait master of Swedish pop stars.

   Bengt H. Malmqvist, photo
    Bengt H. Malmqvist 1960

    Stig Söderqvist, photo
    Stig Söderqvist in the 2000s

         Sonora label

SONORA was the first Swedish label to make a considerable venture on jazz in Sweden. Swing was the thing in the late 1930s and Sonora started a Swing Series. It became a success and a lot of jazz records were produced at the time.

The leading orchestras were Arne Hülphers and Häkan von Eichwald, and (from the early 1940s) Thore Ehrling and Seymor Österwall. There were also small groups like Sonora Swing Swingers (fomed by Thore Jederby), Svenska Hotkvintetten and Nisse Linds Hot-trio, and soloists such as Zilas Görling, "Smyget" Redlig, Gösta Törner among others.

   Alice Babs collection

The most renowned vocalist was Alice Babs, who had an explosive effect on the Swedish jazz life. For the first time Sweden had a singer who aproached American swing music with the right feeling! She was only 15 year old when she made her first recording for Sonora in 1939. Then she become the great teenage idol of the 1940s in Sweden.

The Sonora label was started in 1932 by Erik Ljungberg. It was sold in 1958 to Philips.

         Cupol label

CUPOL was launched in 1947 by Helge Roundquist. He had worked as producer at Sonora in many years and was the man who discovered Alice Babs. And many artists followed him when he launched his own label.

Cupol recorded mainly Swedish popular artists but made some jazz recordings in the 1950s and 60s. The label was sold to CBS in 1970.

         Odeon label

ODEON was from beginning a German label, launched in 1903. It was purchased in 1910 by Carl Lindström, a Swedish businessman settled in Berlin. Odeon recorded in Berlin for the Swedish market, later also in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. The label was sold in 1926 to the English Columbia and was from 1957 a part of EMI.

         Sonet label

SONET was a Swedish-Danish collaboration launched in mid 1950s. The founder was Anders Dyrup in Copenhagen and the two Swedes Sven Lindholm and Gunnar Bergström.

Soon included was also Karl Emil Knudsen, who brought his Danish jazz label Storyville into the new record family, as well as Dan Haeggqvist whose contribution was the Swedish label Gazell.

         Gazell label

From beginning a small jazz label, Sonet quickly expanding to a wide variety of music. The organization later established branches in England and Norway, as well as publishing houses and film and video productions.

         Sonet label

The company get insolvent in the early 1990s and was sold to PolyGram. But both Storyville and Gazell later emerged again as independent record companies.

         Karusell label

KARUSELL was started by the Swedish bassplayer and bandleader Simon Brehm in 1952. Mostly a label for pop music, but also jazz. Worth mention is the co-operation with Norman Granz. Among other things it came to some recordings by American musicians in Sweden. Simon Brehm died in 1967 and Karusell was sold to Polygram.

         Artist label

         Oktav label

Bengt Hallberg and Lars Gullin, photo Bengt Hallberg and Lars Gullin

Arne Domnerus and James Moody, photo Arne Domnerus, James Moody and Gösta Theselius

Åke Persson and Hacke Björksten, photo Hacke Björksten and Åke Persson

    Orkesterjournalen, cover

    Estrad, cover
     Swedish jazz magazines 1950s

Gazell, catalog Catalogue Gazell Records early 1950s

Lionel Hampton trumpetsection 1953 The trumpet section in Lionel Hampton´s band with Art Farmer, Quincy Jones and Clifford Brown, all whom made recordings while in Sweden in 1953

Record Store in Stockholm in 1950s Record store in Stockholm 1950s

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Lars Gullin Special

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 199  Lars Gullin Quartet   Label: Metronome MEP 199   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Sweden 1950s
The EP albums

Stan Getz, Metronome, MEP 1   Stan Getz, Metronome, MEP 1 (new cover) First part of the Stan Getz Stockholm session in 1951 became Metronome´s very first EP release (MEP 1). Issued in 1953. The complete session was issued on a 10" LP. To the right the second pressing from 1957 with new cover image with poto by Bengt H. Malmqvist

Stan Getz, Metronome MEP 142  Volume 2 of the Stan Getz 1951 Stockholm session was issued in Sweden on EP in 1955
(Metronome MEP 142).

Stan Getz, Roost EP  Stan Getz first Stockholm session was in USA issued on three EPs (Roost 302-304)
This is volume two. Cover design by Burt Goldblatt.

Lars Gullin, Prestige 1341  Lars Gullin, Zoot Sims and Lee Konitz: Americans in Sweden  Label: Prestige 1341  
7" EP 1953 (recorded in Stockholm 1950 and 1953)

Arne Domnerus, Savoy EP   James Moody, Prestige EP Early Swedish jazz on American EPs. Arne Domnerus and Rolf Blomquist recorded 1949-1950
(Savoy XP-8102) and James Moody in Sweden 1949 (Prestige 1340)

Bengt Hallberg, Metronome MEP 3  Bengt Hallberg  Label: Metronome MEP 3   7" EP 1953

Lars Gullin, Polydor 10727  Lars Gullin Gets Started  Label: Polydor EPG 10727   7" EP c.1953 (recorded 1951)

Ulf Linde, Cavalcade EP  Ulf Linde Quartet  Label: Cavalcade R-EP 3   7" EP c.1953 (recorded 1951)

Arne Domnerus, HMV 7EG 8094  Arne Domnerus Orkester  Label: HMV 7EG 8094   7" EP c.1953

Åke Persson, Metronome MEP 17   Åke Persson and his Combo  Label: Metronome MEP 17   7" EP 1953    Design: Gunnar Bodén

Clifford Brown, Metronome MEP 18   Clifford Brown - Art Farmer with the Swedish All Stars, vol. 1 
Label: Metronome MEP 18   7" EP 1953

Clifford Brown, Metronome MEP 19   Åke Persson, Metronome MEP 17 Clifford Brown - Art Farmer with the Swedish All Stars, vol. 2 (Metronome MEP 19),
and Piano Holiday with Lars Gullin (Metronome MEP 8). Both EPs from 1953

George Wallington, Metronome MEP 20   Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Metronome MEP 21 George Wallington & The Swedish All Stars (Metronome MEP 20 - Design Burt Goldblatt), and
Nils-Bertil Dahlander featuring Sonya Hedenbratt (Metronome MEP 21). Both EPs from 1953

Ulf Linde, Metronome MEP Esquire 25   Carl-Henrik Norin, Roulette EP 66
Ulf Linde Quartet (Esquire E.P.25), and Carl-Henrik Norin Quartet (Roulette RO EP66)
EPs from c. 1953 

Bengt Hallberg, Metronome MEP 24  Bengt Hallberg Trio   Label: Metronome MEP 24   7" EP 1953
 Design: Gunnar Bodén

Bengt Hallberg, Musica EP  Bengt Hallberg and Kenneth Fagerlund  Label: Musica UX4538   7" EP 1953

Bengt Hallberg, Scandia EP  Bengt Hallberg Quartet. Recorded in Finland with Finnish musicians.  
Label: Scandia SEP 1   7" EP 1953

Putte Wickman, Musica EP  Putte Wickman Sextet   Label: Musica UX4593   7" EP 1953

Rolf Blomquist, Metronome MEP 28  Rolf Blomquist featuring Åke Persson   Label: Metronome MEP 28   7" EP 1954
 Design: Stig Söderqvist

Quincy Jones, Metronome MEP 30  Q. Jones + Swedish-American All Stars   Label: Metronome MEP 30   7" EP 1954
 Design: Nisse Skoog

Quincy Jones, Metronome MEP 31   Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 27 Quincy Jones + Swedish.American All Stars, vol. 2 (Metronome MEP 31), and
Lars Gullin Quintet (Metronome MEP 27). Both EPs from 1954

Bengt Hallberg, Metronome MEP 29   Bengt Hallberg and his Swedish All Stars, vol. 1   Label: Metronome MEP 29   7" EP 1954

Bengt Hallberg, Metronome MEP 34   Bengt Hallberg, Pacific EP 4-17 Bengt Hallberg and his Swedish All Stars, vol. 2 (Metronome MEP 34),
and Bengt Hallberg Ensemble featuring Lars Gullin (Pacific Jazz EP 4-17). Both EPs from 1954.
The American EP was never issued in Sweden. Design: William Claxton

Charlie Norman, Metronome MEP 35  Charlie Norman with Harry Arnold: Big Band Boogies   Label: Metronome MEP 35  
7" EP 1954   Design: Gunnar Bodén

Reinhold Svensson, Metronome MEP 32   Roy Eldridge, Metronome MEP 47 EPs from 1954: Reinhold Svensson Trio (Metronome MEP 32),
and Roy Eldridge with Carl-Henrik Norin, Ove Lind a.o. (Metronome MEP 47)

Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Metronome MEP 59   Swinging Swedes, Musica 4550 More EPs from 1954: Nils-Bertil Dahlander Quartet (Metronome MEP 59), and
Swinging Swedes with Ove Lind, Bosse Kallström a.o. (Musica UX 4550)

Swinging in Sweden, Metronome MEP 50  Leonard Feather presents: Swingin´ in Sweden   Label: Metronome MEP 50   7" EP 1954
 Design: Stig Söderqvist  

Swinging in Sweden, Metronome MEP 57   Swinging in Sweden, Metronome MEP 58 Volume 2 and 3 of Swingin´ in Sweden (Metronome MEP 57 and 58)
Recorded and issued in 1954.

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 63  Americans in Sweden with Lars Gullin, Lee Konitz, Zoot Sims, Jimmy Raney a.o.  
Label: Metronome MEP 63   7" EP 1954   Design: Stig Söderqvist  

Zoot Sims and Frank Rosolino, Karusell KEP 300  Zoot Sims Quartet and Frank Rosolino-Åke Persson Sextet  
Label: Karusell KEP 3006   7" EP 1954

Modern Swedes, Metronome MEP 66   Modern Swedes, Metronome MEP 67 The Modern Swedes with Åke Persson and Hacke Björksten, vol. 1-2 (Metronome MEP 66-67)
Both EPs from 1954   Design Stig Söderqvist

Jazz Fantastic from Sweden   American EP version of the two Swedish Metronome EPs above with Åke Persson
and Hacke Björksten: Jazz Fantastic from Sweden (EmArcy EP-1-6069).

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 75   Lars Gullin Quartet, vol. 1: Danny's Dream   Label: Metronome MEP 75   7" LP 1954
Design: Stig Söderqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 77   Lars Gullin Septt, vol. 1 (The flower tunes) Label: Metronome MEP 77   7" LP 1954
Design: Nisse Skoog

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 76   Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 78 The second EP-volumes of Lars Gullin's "Danny's Dream" session (Metronome MEP 76),
and "Flower tunes" session (Metronome MEP 78). Both from 1954.

Lars Gullin, Mercury 6071   Lars Gullin, Mercury 6072 The American EP editions of Lars Gullin's "Danny's Dream" session
EmArcy EP-1-6071 and EmArcy EP-1-6072   Both from 1954

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 86   Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 87 Lars Gullin with The Moretone Singers, vol. 1-2   (Metronome MEP 86 and 87)
EPs from 1954   Design: Stig Söderqvist

Lars Gullin, EmArcy 6077   American EP of the Lars Gullin "Flower tunes" session in 1954:
   Cat-In-Clover (EmArcy EP-1-6077).

Lars Gullin, Esquire EP 49   Lars Gullin, Esquire EP 8

Lars Gullin, Esquire EP 24   Lars Gullin, Esquire EP 58 Four UK versions of Lars Gullin recordings from 1954, issued on Esquire EPs.
Originally in Sweden on Metronome.

Carl-Henrik Norin, Roulette 67   Carl-Henrik Norin All Stars with Lars Gullin   Label: Roulette EP 67   7" EP 1954

Cavalcade All Stars   Arne Domnerus: Cavalcade All Stars   Label: Metronome MEP 1016   7" EP 1954

Roy Haynes, Metronome MEP 90  Swingin´ with Roy Haynes   Label: Metronome MEP 90   7" EP 1954
 Design: Stig Söderqvist  

Roy Haynes, Metronome MEP 91   Putte Wickman, Odeon GEOS 6 EPs from 1954: Swingin´ with Roy Haynes, vol 2 (Metronome MEP 91),
and Putte Wickman Sextet (Odeon GEOS 6)

George Riedel, Metronome MEP 92  George Riedel Quartet   Label: Metronome MEP 92   7" EP 1954

Bertil Bernadotte, Oktav EP  Bertil Bernadotte's Dixielanders   Label: Oktav 198   7" EP 1954

Rolf Larsson Sextet   Reinhold Svensson Trio Rolf Larsson Sextet (Columbia SEGS-5) and Reinhold Svensson Trio (HMV 7-EGS-11)
EP-albums from 1954.

Nils Engstrom, Metronome MEP 104  Nils Engström Trio: Date With A Doc   Label: Metronome MEP 104   7" EP 1954
 Design: Stig Söderqvist  

Anders Burman, Metronome MEP 98  Anders Burman Quartet   Label: Metronome MEP 98   7" EP 1955
 Design: Stig Söderqvist  

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 105   Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 106 Lars Gullin: Tribute to Britain, vol. 1-2   (Metronome MEP 105 and 106)
EPs from 1955   Design: Stig Söderqvist

Lars Gullin, EmArcy EP 6121   Lars Gullin, EmArcy EP 6123 American EP issues 1955 (EmArcy 6121 and 6123) of Lars Gullin's "Tribute to Britain" above
+ material from Metronome MEP 27

George Riedel, Metronome MEP 107  George Riedel Quintet   Label: Metronome MEP 107   7" EP 1955
 Design and illustration: Stig Söderqvist  

Nisse Lind, Sonora SEP 26   Stan Hasselgard, Cupol 21-22 Nisse Linds Hot-trio (Sonora SEP 26),
and Mempories of Åke "Stan" Haselgård (Cupol CEP 21-22). EPs from mid 1950s.

Bengt-Arne Wallin, Musica 4599   Paul Hindberg, Metronome MEP 141 Bengt-Arne Wallin (Musica UX 4599) and Paul Hindberg (Metronome MEP 141))
Both EPs from 1955

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 129  Lars Gullin Sextet   Label: Metronome MEP 129   7" EP 1955
 Photo: Sixten Sandgren

Reinhold Svensson, Metronome MEP 133  Reinhold Svensson: Moods, vol. 2   Label: Metronome MEP 133   7" EP 1955
 Design: Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd  

Arne Domnerus, HMV 7-EGS 16  Arne Domnerus: Strictly for Dancing   Label: His Masters Voice 7-EGS 16   7" EP 1955

Arne Domnerus, HMV 7-EGS 17  Arne Domnerus Quintet   Label: His Masters Voice 7-EGS 17   7" EP 1955

Rune Gustafsson, HMV 7-EGS 28  Rune Gustafsson Quartet   Label: His Masters Voice 7-EGS 28   7" EP 1955

Jutta Hipp and Lars Gullin, Karusell 3018  Jutta Hipp with Lars Gullin   Label: Karusell KSEP 3018   7" EP 1955

Bengt Hallberg, Philips EP  Bengt Hallberg Quartet: Jazz from Sweden, vol. 1   Label: Philips 421500PE   7" EP 1955

Willy Lundin, Philips EP  Willy Lundin Quartet with Jan Johansson: Jazz from Sweden, vol. 7  
Label: Philips 421506PE   7" EP 1956

Bengt-Arne Wallin a.o., Philips EP  Bengt-Arne Wallin, Åke Persson a.o.: Jazz from Sweden, vol. 8  
Label: Philips 421507PE   7" EP 1956

Sonya Hedenbratt, Triola EP   Sonya Hedenbratt, Triola EP Two EPs with Sonya Hedenbratt from mid 1950s. Label Triola TEP 1005 and TEP 1007

Swinging Swedes, Musica 4551   Gunnar Nilsson and Paul Hindberg, Metronome MEP 140 Swinging Swedes with Ove Lind (Musica UX 4551), and
Gunnar Siljabloo Nilsson / Paul Hindberg (Metronome MEP 140). EPs from 1955 and 1956

Stan Getz, Karusell 296 Stan Getz: Cool Stan in Cool Sweden, vol. 1   Label: Karusell KEP 296   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Sven-Erik Delér

Stan Getz, Karusell 297 Stan Getz: Cool Stan in Cool Sweden, vol. 2   Label: Karusell KEP 297   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Sven-Erik Delér

Stan Getz, Karusell 305   Anders Burman, Metronome MEP 260 Stan Getz: Cool Stan in Cool Sweden, vol. 4 (Karusell KEP 305), and
Anders Burman Quintet with Bengt Hallberg (Metronome MEP 260). Both EPs from 1956

Bengt Hallberg, Philips 421 507   Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Philips 421 503  EP albums from 1956: Bengt Hallberg Arrangements (Philips 421 507 PE), and
Nils-Bertil Dahlander with Knud Jörgensen (Philips 421 503 PE)

Anders Burman, Metronome MEP 165   Gunnar Nilsson, Roulette 1017  EPs from 1956: Anders Burman: Swing Gentle (Metronome MEP 165), and
Gunnar "Siljabloo" Nilsson (Roulette ROEP 1017)

Anders Burman, Metronome MEP 166  Anders Burman: Swing Gentle   Label: Metronome MEP 166   7" EP 1956

Hacke Bjorksten, MEP 167  Hacke Björksten Quintet   Label: Metronome MEP 167   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Rolf Billberg, Sonet 2003  Rolf Billberg Quintet   Label: Sonet SXP 2003 (Denmark)   7" EP 1956

Rolf Billberg, Sonet 2004   Rolf Billberg, Sonet 2002 Another to EPs by Rolf Billberg recorded in Copenhagen 1956:
Quintet with Kurt Järnberg (Sonet SXP 2004), and with Lars Gullin (Sonet SXP 2002)

Rolf Billberg and Hacke Bjorksten, Sonet 2506   Sonya Hedenbratt, Triola 1001 Rolf Billberg - Hacke Björksten Quintet (Sonet SXP 2506 - Painting: Sten Axel Ahlstrand),
and Sonya Hedenbratt: Stranger in Paradise (Triola TEP 1001). EPs from c.1956

Annabelle Lee, Metronome MEP 178  Annabelle Lee with Arne Söderlund Quintet   Label: Metronome MEP 178   7" EP 1956

Rolf Billberg, Sonet 2505  Rolf Billberg Quintet featuring Lars Gullin   Label: Sonet SXP 2505   7" EP 1956
Cover painting: Sten Axel Ahlstrand   This EP was originally issued on Modern Music EP102

Robert Edman, Sonet 2504   Jan Allan, Sonet 2500 Putte Wickman with Robert Edman Quartet (Sonet SXP 2504), and
Jan Allan Quartet (Sonet SXP 2500). Both EPs from 1956

Georg Riedel, Metronome MEP 152   Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 191 Metronome EPs from 1956: George Riedel (MEP 152), and
Rolf Ericson and American Stars (MEP 191)   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 193   Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 192 Rolf Ericson and his American Stars, vol. 2-3 (Metronome MEP 193 and MEP 192)
EPs from 1956   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Arne Domnerus Dixiesession EP  Arne Domnerus: Dixiesession at Harlem    Label: RCA EPS57   7" EP 1956  

Ernestine Anderson, Metronome MEP 190  Ernestine Anderson with Duke Jordan trio. Recorded in Stockholm 1956
Label: Metronome MEP 190   7" EP   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 197  Lars Gullin Septet   Label: Metronome MEP 197   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 198  Lars Gullin Quartet   Label: Metronome MEP 198   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 196   Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 200 Lars Gullin Octet (Metronome MEP196), and with Gösta Theselius Orchestra (MEP200)
EPs from 1956   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 201  Lars Gullin with G. Theselius orchestra   Label: Metronome MEP 201   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 202  Lars Gullin Quintet   Label: Metronome MEP 202   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 203  Lars Gullin Sextet   Label: Metronome MEP 203   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 204  Lars Gullin Sextet   Label: Metronome MEP 204   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Hacke Bjorksten, Nixa EP   Lars Gullin, Nixa EP Swedish jazz in the UK in 1956: Hacke Bjorksten and Lars Gullin on Nixa EPs.
Originally in Sweden on Metronome MEP 167 and MEP 202

Gosta Theselius Bertelsmann EP

Gosta Theselius Columbia EP   Gosta Theselius Oriole EP
 In 1956 Gösta Theselius and a Swedish All Star group recorded a LP album for the obscure American label Bally. The music was also issued on EPs in Germany, France and England (but not in Sweden!). The larger picture above shows the German issue (Bertelmann 7661), and below the French (Columbia ESDF 1182) and the English (Oriole EP-7014).

Lars Gullin, Sonet 2501  Lars Gullin: Session at Midnight   Label: Sonet SXP 2501   7" EP 1956
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Lars Gullin, Sonet 2501 2nd pressing  The second pressing of Lars Gullin's EP "Session at Midnight" on Sonet.

Gosta Theselius, RCA EPS 52   Putte Wickman, RCA EPS 58 Gösta Theselius (RCA EPS 52), and Putte Wickman kvintett (RCA EPS 58)
Both EPs from 1956

Arne Domnerus, RCA EPS 51  Arne Domnerus Orchestra   Label: RCA EPS 51   7" EP 1956

Sonya Hedenbratt, Roulette EP  Sonya Hedenbratt - Gunnar Johnson.   Roulette ROEP 1018   7" EP 1956

Arne Domnerus, RCA EPS 56   Kenneth Fagerlund, Philips 421 506 Arne Domnerus Quartet (RCA EPS 56), and Kenneth Fagerlund (Philips 421 506 PE).
Both EPs from 1956

Gunnar Nilsson, Roulette EP   Reinhold Svensson, Cupol EP Gunnar Nilsson with Carl-Henric Norin (Roulette ROEP 114)
and Reinhold Svensson (Cupol CEP 130). EPs from c.1956

Eje Thelin, Karusell 3034   Arne Domnerus, RCA EPS 98 Eje Tehlin Kvintett & Monica Petrini Kvartett: Jazz för ungdom (Karusell KSEP 3034),
and Relax by Arne Domnerus (RCA EPS 98)   EPs from 1956 and 1957

Arne Domnerus HMV EP  Arne Domnerus: Dansa med Dompan   Label: HMV 7-EGS-73   7" EP 1957

Freddie Redd, Metronome MEP 216  Freddie Redd Trio: Fishin' in Stockholm   Label: Metronome MEP 216   7" EP 1957
 Design: Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd   Photo: Bo Trenter  

Freddie Redd, Metronome MEP 217  Freddie Redd Trio, vol. 2   Label: Metronome MEP 217   7" EP 1957
 Design: Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd   Photo: Bo Trenter  

Freddie Redd, Metronome MEP 218  Freddie Redd Trio, vol. 3   Label: Metronome MEP 218   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Robert Edman feat. Putte Wickman, Sonet EP   Putte Wickman, RCA EPS 68 EPs with Putte Wickman from 1957: with Robert Edman Quartet (Sonet SXP 2509)
and with Sextet (RCA EPS 68).

Ernestine Anderson, Metronome MEP 226  Ernestine Anderson with Harry Arnold Orchestra: Voice of Many Moods
Label: Metronome MEP 226   7" EP 1957   Photo: Allan Söderling

Ernestine Anderson, Metronome MEP 227   Ernestine Anderson, Metronome MEP 228 Ernestine Anderson with Harry Arnold: Little Girl Blue (Metronome MEP 227), and
Voice in Satin (Metronome MEP 228). Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist. Both EPs from 1957

Tommy Potter, Metronome MEP 239  Tommy Potter Sextet, vol. 1   Label: Metronome MEP 239   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Tommy Potter, Metronome MEP 240  Tommy Potter Sextet. vol. 2   Label: Metronome MEP 240   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Tommy Potter, Metronome MEP 241  Tommy Potter Sextet. vol. 3   Label: Metronome MEP 241   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Rolf Ericson and Benny Bailey, Metronome MEP 243  Rolf Ericson - Benny Bailey   Label: Metronome MEP 243   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 244   Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 242 Another two EPs from the same session as above with Rolf Ericson and Benny Bailey
Metronome MEP 244 and MEP 242. Both are from 1957

Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 245   Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 247 EPs from 1957: Rolf Ericson Quintet (Metronome MEP 245), and
Rolf Ericson Sextet (Metronome MEP 247)   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Rolf Ericson, Metronome MEP 246  Rolf Ericson Sextet   Label: Metronome 246   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Gunnar Johnson, Metronome MEP 261  Gunnar Johnson Quintet   Label: Metronome MEP 261   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Ulf Thorén

Jan Johansson, Metronome MEP 263  Jan Johansson Trio   Label: Metronome MEP 263   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 264   Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 265 EPs from 1957 with Harry Arnold: This is Harry (Metronome MEP 264)
and This is Harry in Hi-Fi (Metronome MEP 265) - Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 266   Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 9023 EPs from 1957-1958 with Harry Arnold: This is Harry at Hollywood Bowl (Metronome MEP 266),
and Flight SK 641 (Metronome MEP 9023)

Bernt Rosengren, Sonet 2513  Bernt Rosengren: Jazz Club 1957   Label: Sonet SXP 2513   7" EP 1957

Tommy Flanagan, Metronome MEP 311  Tommy Flanagan Trio, vol. 1   Label: Metronome MEP 311   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Tommy Flanagan, Metronome MEP 312  Tommy Flanagan Trio, vol. 2   Label: Metronome MEP 312   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Tommy Flanagan, Metronome MEP 313  Tommy Flanagan Trio, vol. 3   Label: Metronome MEP 313   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist  

Arne Domnerus, RCA EPS 81   Putte Wickman, Odeon GEOS 52 EPs from 1957: Arne Domnerus Quartet (RCA EPS 81), and
The Clarinet Style of Putte Wickman (Odeon GEOS-52)

Amstedt-Lind, Philips 421 508   Benny Bailey, Gazell GEP 12 EPs from 1957: Almstedt-Lind kvartetten with Bengt Hallberg (Philips 421 508 PE), and
Benny Bailey Quartet (Gazell GEP-12)

Ake Hasselgard, Telefunken 4585  Åke Hasselgård   Label: Telefunken UX 4585   7" EP 1957

Arne Domnerus RCA EP  Arne Domnerus: Revelj   Label: RCA EPS76   7" EP 1957

Putte Wickman, Odeon GEOS 64  Putte Wickman: Impressions   Label: Odeon GEOS-64   7" EP 1957

Almstedt-Lind, Knappupp KNEP 31  Almstedt-Lindkvartetten   Label: Knäppupp KNEP 31   7" EP 1957

Herbie Mann, Metronome MEP 347   Herbie Mann, Metronome MEP 348 Herbie Mann on EPs 1957, recorded in Stockholm: Cherry Point (Metronome MEP 347), and
Early Morning Blues (Metronome MEP 348). With B-A Wallin, Arne Domnerus a.o.

Herbie Mann, Metronome MEP 349   Egil Johansen, Sonet 2510 EPs from 1957: Herbie Mann: Serenada (Metronome MEP 349), and
Blues for Nalen by Egil Johansen (Sonet SXP 2510)

Tony Scott, RCA EPS 72   Tony Scott, RCA EPS 79 Tony Scott in Sweden (RCA EPS 72 and EPS 79). EPs from 1957

Stan Getz, Sonet 2819   Cecil Payne, Metronome MEP 354 American recordings, but unique Swedish EP covers:
Stan Getz (Sonet SXP 2819) and Cecil Payne (Metronome MEP 354). Photo Bengt H. Malmqvist

Art Pepper, Sonet 2810  Art Pepper Returns   Label: Sonet SXP 2810   7" EP 1957
A black-and-white William Claxton photo transformed to a unique Swedish album cover

Lars Gullin, Philips 421 512  Lars Gullin   Label: Philips 421 512PE   7" EP 1957

Johnny Teupen in Sweden  Johnny Teupen: Mälar Midnight. Recorded in Sweden with Swedish musicians.
Label: Columbia SEGS 36   7" EP c.1957

Carl-Henrik Norin, HMV EP  Carl-Henrik Norin Quartet   Label: HMV 7EGS72   7" EP 1957
 Photo: Lasse Larsson

Lars Gullin, Gazell GEP 10   Gosta Theselius, Oktav 139 EPs from 1957: Lars Gullin Octet (Gazell GEP-10, recorded 1951 and first issued on 78s),
and Cobra by Gösta Theselius (Oktav OKEP 139)

Bertil Lofdahl, Polydor EP   Bertil Lofdahl, Polydor EP back cover Bertil Löfdahl: Jazz made in Sweden   Label: Polydor EPH10722   7" EP 1957
Front and back cover

Hacke Bjorksten, Sonet SXP 2507  Hacke Björksten All Star Sextet   Label: Sonet SXP 2507   7" EP 1957

Nisse Engstrom, Metronome MEP 262  Nisse Engström Trio   Label: Metronome MEP 262   7" EP 1957

Jan Andren, Oktav EP  Jan Andren Trio   Label: Oktav OKEP-165   7" EP 1958

Rune Ofwerman, Gazell GEP 17  Rune Öfwerman Trio: Triopus   Label: Gazell GEP-17   7" EP 1958

Lars Gullin, Sonet SXP 2519 Lars Gullin Plays   Label: Sonet SXP 2519   7" EP 1958

Stan Getz, Karusell 349  Stan Getz in Town, vol. 1   Label: Karusell KEP 349   7" EP 1958

Stan Getz, Karusell 350  Stan Getz in Town, vol 2   Label: Karusell KEP 350   7" EP 1958

Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEGS 47  Monica Zetterlund: Swedish Sensation   Label: Columbia SEGS 47   7" EP 1958

Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEGK 1040   Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEGK 1044 Monica Zetterlund: Swedish Sweet, vol. 1 and 2 (Columbia SEGK 1040 and 1044)
Both EPs are from 1958

Hacke Bjorksten and Ake Persson, Metronome MEP 353   Studio 52, Oktav OKEP 154 Hacke Björksten - Åke Persson Quintet (Metronome MEP 353), and
Studio 52s Husband (Oktav OKEP 154)   EPs from 1958  

Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 425  Quincy Jones and Harry Arnold: Count ´Em   Label: Metronome MEP 425   7" EP 1958

Carl-Henrik Norin and Rolf Billberg, HMV 7EGS 89   Harry Arnold, Metronome MEP 426 Carl-Henrik Norin and Rolf Billberg (HMV 7EGS 89), and
Quincy Jones and Harry Arnold: Room 608 (Metronome MEP 426). Both EPs are from 1958

Benny Bailey, Sonet 2512  Benny Bailey Quartet   Label: Sonet SXP 2512   7" EP 1958

Arne Domnerus, Barben EP  Arne Domnerus Orkester   Label: Barben BEP10   7" EP 1958

Jan Allan, Gazell GEP 19  Jan Allan Quartet   Label: Gazell GEP 19   7" EP 1958

Lars Gullin, Metronome MEP 396  Lars Gullin Septet   Label: Metronome MEP 396   7" EP 1958
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Jan Henning, Columbia SEGS 44  Jan Henning Quintet   Label: Columbia SEGS 44   7" EP 1958

Lars Gullin, Sonet 2514  Lars Gullin Quintet   Label: Sonet SXP 2514   7" EP 1958

Lill-Arne Soderberg, Barben EP  Lill-Arne Söderberg Quintet.   Barben BEP 7.   7" EP 1958

Hacke Bjorksten, Metronome MEP 399  Hacke Björksten - Åke Persson   Label: Metronome MEP 399   7" EP 1958

Lars Gullin with Gil Cuppini  Lars Gullin with Gil Cuppini: Assi in Vacanza   Label: Astraphon Y. 1785   Italian 7" EP 1959

Arne Domnerus - Benny Bailey  Arne Domnerus Quintet with Benny Bailey   Label: HMV 7-EGS 157   Italian 7" EP 1959

Benny Bailey, Sonet 2515  Benny Bailey Quartet   Label: Sonet SXP 2515   7" EP 1959

Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEG 8015  Monica Zetterlund: Swedish Sweet   Label: Columbia SEG 8015 (UK)   7" EP 1959

Bernt Rosengren, Sonet 2517  Bernt Rosengren: The New Beat Generation   Label: Sonet SXP 2517   7" EP 1959
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

Bengt-Arne Wallin, Sonet 2518  Bengt-Arne Wallin: Somethin´ Blue   Label: Sonet SXP 2518   7" EP 1959
 Design: G. Bergström

Lars Gullin, Artist 1925  Lars Gullin: Fine Together   Label: Artist AEP 1025   7" EP 1959
 Design: Stig Söderquist   Photo: Bengt H. Malmquist

Lars Werner, Artist 1027  Lars Werner: Point of View   Label: Artist AEP 1027   7" EP 1959
 Design: Stig Söderquist   Photo: Bengt H. Malmquist

Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEGS 56   Monica Zetterlund, Columbia SEGS 67 Monica Zetterlund EPs from 1959: My Fair Lady (Columbia SEGS 56),
and Porgy and Bess (Columbia SEGS 67)

Rita Reys - Bengt Hallberg  Rita Reys - Bengt Hallberg: Love For Sale   Philips 421516 PE   7" EP 1959