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   Jazz Club Fasching in Stockholm


New energy
to Swedish jazz
in the 1970s

During the late 1960s the interest in jazz in Sweden was very low. Many feared it would die out. But thanks to the 1970s fusion music a new interest in jazz grew up with the younger generation. The economic situation also improved by a new and more liberal cultural policy which gave social support to the musicians, the clubs and the record production.

The meeting between folk music and jazz had in the 1960s played an important role, and it continued in the 1970s. The Swedish folk tradition was often a part of the music by such as the musicians around Arne Domnerus, particularly for the pianist and composer Nils Lindberg.

Jazz in the church

Georg Riedel and Bengt Hallberg had a marked interest in choir-singing, a result from interactions with the church and church musicians. "Jazz in the church" became an estimated phenomenon around the country. Popular names in that context was also Svend Asmussen and Putte Wickman who often appeared together in church concerts.

   Svend Asmussen with chamber choir

Jazz meets Rock

But the main influences into jazz in the early 1970s came from the rock music. The day after that Jimi Hendrix masterfully closed the Woodstock festival, Miles Davis was in the recording studio to start work on Bitches Brew. It is a curious coincidence, but true logical because that the electric music of Miles had Hendrix's influence hovering over it.

The Woodstock festval as well as Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis´ new record had an enormously impact on the jazz development in the 1970s. New meetings between rock and improvised music began to be organised around the world. In Sweden gave surch as the legendary music festival at Gärdet in Stockholm in 1970 new energy to both rock and jazz music in Sweden.

   The Festival at Gärdet in Stockholm

A variety of groups was formed in Sweden who were involved in fusion music of various kinds, and the boundaries between music styles began increasingly to blur.

OPPOSITE CORNER from Gothenburg played a music that included folk and art music from countries such as Arabia, Tibet and Ghana and they could go to classic composers like Eric Satie and Bela Bartok to get new starting points. Leader was the saxophonist Gunnar Lindgren and among the members Åke Johansson on piano.

   Opposite Corner

Berndt Egerbladh, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Monica Dominiqe, Janne Schaffer among others mixed up their music with all kinds of moods from jazz, rock, funk and whatever. And on groups such as Arbete och Fritid, Fläsket Brinner, Samla Mammas Manna and Archimedes Badkar, it was impossible to bring any musical label.

One of the best and most long-lived fusion groups was EGBA who mixed their own rock material with folk music elements from mainly Africa and Latin America. The name EGBA associated from the outset to Africa but was later, when the instrumentation became more electronic, the meaning of "Electronic Groove and Beat Academy".

A meeting between Swedish jazz musician and Turkish musicians took place in the group SEVDA. Among the members were Bernt Rosengren, Maffy Falay and Okay Temiz. The latter also led the group ORIENTAL WIND, in which several members of the group Rena Rama also played.

   Bobo Stenson

In RENA RAMA the Indian music played an important role. The group was started by Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson, Lennart Åberg and Bengt Berger. All four had important roles in several other groups and contexts.

The American trumpeter Don Cherry had a great importance for the development of jazz fusion in Sweden. He lived periodically in Sweden and often played with Swedish musicians.

   Don Cherry

The free jazz and improvised music developed also in Sweden, even if the style did not get the same position here as in other parts of Europe. A pioneer was the saxophonist Bengt "Frippe" Norström, who already in the early 1960s had chosen a consistent musical direction. Others that moved across the musical borders were Bernt Rosengren, Tommy Koverhult, Eje Thelin, Per-Henric Wallin and Gilbert Holmström.

One of the first and most persistent Swedish groups in free improvised music was ISKRA. First playing quite chaotically, but subsequently became more nuanced.

A more aggressive music was played by LOKOMOTIV KONKRET. They were connected with the 1970s European avantgarde, which combined free improvisation with contemporary written art music.

   Free jazz at Fylkingen, the scene for new and experimental music in Stockholm

Even more traditional forms of jazz had a place on the expanded Swedish jazz scene in the 1970s and 1980s. Swing music had a renaissance by musicians like Lars Erstrand and Ove Lind who addressed their music to both a listening and a dancing audience, mostly made up of middle-aged and older people.

   Stampen, the place for "Happy Jazz"
 in Stockholm

A younger dancing audience was interested in music with a strong jazz connection as well, but it was jazz flavoured with music from Latin America and Caribbean, and with black American soul and funk.

Also bebop and hardbop were living well in the 70s and 80s. Groups such as Communication (with Red Mitchell), Jazz Incorporated (Egil Johansen), CBQ (Christer Boustedt and Bosse Broberg), Fredrik Noren Band - they all played under the motto "bebop is beautiful." Soloists were musicians like Nisse Sandström, Krister Andersson, Bertil Lövgren, Åke Johansson, Lars Sjösten and others.

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 Jan Allan -70   Label: MCA 1782   12" LP 1970

Sweden 1970s

 G.L.Unit: Orangutang   Label: EMI Odeon E 062-34163   12" LP 1970
 Design: Ture Sjölander   Photo: Sven Gillsäter

 Doris.    EMI Odeon E 006-24194   7" singel 1970

 Doris   Label: EMI Odeon E 062-34193   12" LP 1970
 Design: Håkan Gustaf Carlström

   LPs from 1970 by Radiojazzgruppen: Blåsländor (SR Records RELP 1111), and
Frostrosor (SR Records RELP 1090). Design: Nisse Skoog

   First and second LPs by Arbete & Fritid from 1970 on Sonet SLP 2513 and SLP 2526

LPs from 1970: Acoustic Space by Eje Thelin (EMI Odeon 062-34180), and
Marlene Widmark - Teddy Wilson (EMI Odeon 062-34172)

 Melvin Price: Jazzbalett Rytmer   Label: Price Records 1001   12" LP 1970

 George Riedel: Puls   Label: Megafon mflp 15   12" LP 1970

 Kustbandet: Jemsides   Label: Kenneth Records KS 2031   12" LP 1970
 Design: Mats Söderqvist   Photo: Anders Nyström

   Happy Jazz with Ove Lind, Monica Zetterlund, Brew Moore a.o. (Gazell GMG-1223), and
Fancy with Arne Domnerus Trio (Gazell GMG-1219).   LPs from 1970

   Monica Zetterlund with Monica Dominique (EMI Odeon E 062-34337), and
Huvva by Merit Hemmingson (EMI Columbia E 062-34273).   LPs from 1971

 Anthony Reebop Kwaku Bah   Label: Philips 6316008   12" LP 1971
 Design: Göran Rosander   Photo: Larserik Svantesson

 Rolf Ericson: Oh! Pretty Little Neida   Label: Gazell GMG-1222   12" LP 1971
 Design: Peter Viking

 Nannie Porres: I Thought About You   Label: EMI Odeon E 062-34336   12" LP 1971
 Painting: Stig Claesson

 Umeå Big Band in Montreux   Label: Gazell GMG-1225   12" LP 1971
 Design: Peter Viking   Photo: Christer Landergren

LPs from 1971 in the Club Jazz Series: Nannie Porres and Bernt Rosengren (SR Records 1117)
and Opposite Corner and Palle Danielsson 6 (SR Records 1117)

LPs from 1971: Du glädjerika sköna by Radiojazzgruppen (SR Records RMLP 1134),
and Solar Plexus (EMI Odeon E154-34573)

LPs from 1971: Jan Eriksson Tollarparn (RCA INTS 1287),
and Beat on Hammond by Knud Jorgensen (InterDisc ILPS-165)

 Lars Gullin: Jazz Amour Affair   Label: EMI Odeon E062-34289   12" LP 1971
 Design: Poulina Gullin   Drawing: Mailis Gullin

LPs from 1971: Svenska Löd AB! by Hörselmat with Janne Schaffer (HM-KU-FI-SLP-001),
and Bengt Hallberg plays Bacharach (Polydor 2379 022)

   Heta Linjen with Berndt Egerbladh, Kisa Magnusson, Janne Carlsson, Ulf Andersson a.o.
Feta Heta Linjen (Polydor 2379 029) and Won't You Step Inside? (Odeon 4E 062-34288)
Both LPs from 1971

 Bernt Rosengren: Fly Me To The Sun   Label: Gazell GMG-1226   12" LP 1971
 Cover art: Agnetha Söderberg

 Slim´s Blues Gang   Label: Sonet SLP 2523   12" LP 1971
 Photo: Bengt af Geijerstam

EP from 1971: Arac Constellation with Bertil and Göran Strandberg (Arac SEP 123), and
LP from 1971: Brew´s Stockholm Dew by Brew Moore (Sonet SNTF 623 - UK)

LPs by Bengt Hallberg from 1971: Hallberg à la carte (Columbia E 062-34148),
and Collaboration (EMI Odeon E 062-34397)

 Björbobandet: Jazz från Masrike   Label: Coop EP-01   7" EP 1971

 George Russell: Othello Ballet Suite   Label: Sonet SLP 1409   12" LP 1971

LPs from 1971: Dedikation by Arne Domnerus (Megafon mflp 17), and
Aurora Borealis by Sabu Martinez and Bjöbobandet (Coop 71-01)

 Fläsket Brinner   Label: Silence SRS 4606   12" LP 1971

 Radiojazzgruppen with Berndt Egerbladh and Lars Werner   Label: SR RELP 1136  
12" LP 1971   Design: Nisse Skoog

 Bengt-Arne Wallin: The Magic Box   Label: SR Records RMLP 1131   12" LP 1971
Design: Ardy Strüwer

 Don Cherry: Organic Music Society   Label: Caprice DLP 1   12" LP 1972
 Design and painting: Moki Cherry

 Monica Zetterlund: Chicken Feather   Label: SR Records 1151   12" LP 1972
 Design: Anna Klang

 Lars Sjösten: Gutår! (Philips 6316 016)   Label: Philips 6316 016   12" LP 1972
 Design: Göran Rossander  Photo: Larsåke Thuresson

 Nils Sandström: The Painter   Label: EMI Odeon 062-34659   12" LP 1972
 Design: Stig Söderqvist   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

   br> LPs from 1972 by SEVDA: Jazz i Sverige -72 (Caprice 31),
and Live at Jazzhus Montmartre (Caprice 41)

LPs from 1972: Varmluft by Bengt-Arne Wallin (Sonet SLP-2528), and
I Let A Song Go Out by Arne Domnerus (RCA Victor LSA 3128)

LPs from 1972: Dialog by Arne Domnerus and Rune Gustafsson (Megafon mflp 19),
and 300.000 by Jan Johansson (Megafon mflp 18)

LPs from 1972: Hacke Björksten (Megafon mflp 22),
and Jan Johansson (Artist ALPL 104)

   Staffan Harde (SJR Records LPS-2) and Mount Everest (Philips 6316 024)
LPs from 1972

 Fläsket Brinner: Fläsket   Label: Ljudspår EFG-7202   12" LP 1972

 Jan Johansson spelar musik på sitt eget vis   Label: Megafon mflp 20-21  
12" LP 1972

 Lennart Jonken Jonsson: 341216-7730   Label: Coop 7301   12" LP 1973

 Lars Färnlöf: Svit Cachasa   Label: SR Records 1152   12" LP 1973
 Design: Anna Klang

 Sabu Martinez: Afro Temple   Label: Grammofonverket 7341   12" LP 1973
 Design: Lorne De Wolfe and Sabu Martinez

   LPs from 1973: Rena Rama: Jazz i Sverige -73 (Caprice 49),
and EGBA (Grammofonverket EFG 5015113)

LPs by Putte Wickman from 1973: Live at Åhus Jazz Festival (EMI Odeon E 062-35221), and
Happy New Year! (Odeon 062-34822). Both with quartet including S. Abeleen and Red Mitchell.

LPs from 1973: Blues Eyes by Kisa Magnusson (SR Records RHLP 1204), and
Music with a Jazz Flavour by Alice Babs (Swedish Society SLT 33223)

LPs from 1973: Nybyggarland by Berndt Egerbladh (Sonet SLP-2543), and
Live at Cervantes by Bengt Hallberg and Red Mitchell (EMI Odeon E 062-34860)

 Bertil Strandberg: Cirrus   Label: Arac ARA 3001   12" LP 1973
 Design and photo: Len Luckhurst

 Okay Temiz: Music for Xaba   Label: Sonet SNTF 642 (UK)   12" LP 1973
 Photo: Rita Knox

 Don Cherry: Eternal Now   Label: Sonet SNTF 653 (UK)   12" LP 1973
 Design: Jörgen Renhorn   Tapestry: Moki Cherry

LPs from 1973: Måltid by Samla Mammas Manna (Silence SRS 4621 - Painting: Tage Åsén),
and Stardust International & Tayfun (Hendrix NSLP 51)

LPs from 1973: Den sista jäntan by Monica Zetterlund (Spotlight SPD-101), and
Bästisar! by Evabritt Strandberg and Red Mitchell (Artist ALP-40-105)

LPs from 1973 by Radiojazzgruppen: Seismisk komposition (SR RELP 1194),
and Nocturne (SR RELP 1193)

 Lars Gullin: Fine Together   Label: Sonet SLPD-2542   12" LP 1973
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

 Tony Scott: Manteca   Label: Sonet SLP 2548   12" LP 1973
 Design: Lasse Åberg   Photo: Torbjörn Calvero

 Lars Gullin: Like Grass   Label: EMI Odeon E062-34874   12" LP 1973
 Photo: Rolf Nilsson

 Arne Domnerus: Scandinavian Design   Label: RCA Victor YSPL 1-587   12" LP 1973

 Gabor Szabo: Small World. With Berndt Egerbladh, Janne Schaffer a.o.  
Label: Four Leaf EFG-7230   12" LP 1973

   Archimedes Badkar: Rumpstek (front and back cover).
Privately issued 7" EP with no label 1973.

 Gunnar Lidberg: Swinging Violin   Label: InterDisc ILPS 228   12" LP 1973

 Lars Gullin: Bluesport   Label: EMI Odeon E 062-35141   12" LP 1974
 Photo: Gunnar Smoliansky

 Staffan Abeleen: Sweet Alva   Label: EMI Odeon E062-35001   12" LP 1974
 Photo: Stig Forsberg

 Arne Domnerus: Antiphone Blues   Label: Proprius 7744   12" LP 1974

 Lalle Svensson: Cockroach Road   Label: Cockroach Records 101   12" LP 1974
 Design: Jörgen Renhorn  

 Melvyn Price: Rhythm and Blues   Label: Merl Dor PR 1003   12" LP 1974
 Photo: Beata Bergström

LPs by Bernt Rosengren from 1974: Notes from Underground (EMI Harvest E 154-34958-9),
and Live in Stockholm, vol. 1 (Amigo AMLP 815 - photo: Nils Edström)

LPs from 1974: Lars Gullin 1959-1960 (Artist 30-114), and
Live at Fregatten by SEVDA (Sonet SNTF 665 - UK)

LPs from 1974: Turkish Folk Jazz by Okay Temiz (Sonet SNTF 669 - UK), and
Communication with Red Mitchell, Nisse Sandström a.o. (Grammofonverket EFG-402 5 090)

 Peps Blodsband   Label: Sonet SLP-2552   12" LP 1974
 Design: Sture Johannesson and Sten Kallin

 Guido Manusardi: Romanian Impressions   Label: Amigo AMFLP 814   12" LP 1974
 Design: Peter Viking

 Gugge Hedrenius Big Blues Band: Stockholm Blues   Label: Polar POLS 257  
12" LP 1974

LPs from 1974: A Sleeping Bee by Art Farmer (Grammofonverket EFG-501 5 084), and
Rainbow Scetches by Radiojazzgruppen (CAM CMLP 5906)

   LPs from 1974: Reflexioner by Georg Riedel - Bengt Hallberg (Megafon mflp 23), and
Leif Strand´s Chamber Choir with Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg a.o. (Proprius 7726)

 Kjell Öman: Misturada   Label: Sonet SLP-2570   12" LP 1975
 Design: Lasse Åbrg   Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

 Mount Everest: Waves from Albert Ayler   Label: LIM 7503   12" LP 1975
 Photo: Per Wissing

 Kornet   Label: Manifest MAN 005   12" LP 1975

 Monica Zetterlund: Hej, man!   Label: EMI Odeon E 062-35171   12" LP 1975
 Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist

LPs by Berndt Egerbladh from 1975: Kristallen den fina (CBS 80299), and
Don´t Get Around Much Any More (Grammofonverket EFG-505 5 127)

LPs from 1975: Stone Free by Claes-Göran Fagersted (Odeon E 062-35170), and
Kropp å Själ by Lars Werner - Christer Boustedt (Dragon LP 2)

 Bengt Ernryd Quartet   Label: Dragon LP 1   12" LP 1975
 Design: Magnus Lindgren

 Archimedes Badkar: Badrock för barn i alla åldrar   Label: MNW 53P   12" LP 1975

 The New Figaro   Label: Dragon LP 4   12" LP 1975
 Photo: Anita Westin

 Tommy Koverhult & Jan Wallgren Quintet   Label: Dragon LP 5   12" LP 1975
 Photo: Anita Westin

 Thad Jones with Radiojazzgruppen: Greetings and Salutations   Label: Four Leaf FLC 5001  
12" LP 1975  Design and photo: Gerard Nouchi

 Evabritt Strandberg with Teddy Wilson a.o.: Elva bitar Evabritt  
Label: EMI 062-35167   12" LP 1975

LPs from 1975: Helf Me! by Lars Werner trio (Odeon E 062-35239), and
Anders Lindskog Quartet (Amigo AMLP 817)

LPs from 1975: Ivan the Terrible by Ivan Oskarsson (Dragon DRLP 7),
and Sabra by Arne Domnerus (RCA Victor YSLP 1-571)

LPs from 1975: Jazz i Sverige -75 by ISKRA (Caprice CAP 2006), and
Spjärnsvallet with Bengt Berger, Christer Bothén a.o. (MNW 57P)

LPs from 1976: Arne Domnerus: Jazz at the Pawnshop (Proprius 7778-9), and
Iskra: Allemansrätt (Ett minne för livet MILP 002)

 Dorothy Donegan   Label: Four Leaf FLC 5006   12" LP 1976
 Design: Jens Holmsen   Photo: Rune Johansson

 Lars Gullin: Aeros Aromatic Atomica Suite   Label: EMI C062-35282   12" LP 1976
 Painting: Mailis Gullin

 Monica Zetterlund: Folk som har sånger kan inte dö   Label: YTF 50300   12" LP 1976

 Siljabloo Nilsson: Bloo-Hacketyhack-Bock!   Label: EMI E 062-35286   12" LP 1976
 Design: Folke Müller

 Benny Bailey: How Deep Can You Do?   Label: EMI Harvest 062-35278   12" LP 1976
 Design: Kjell Andersson   Photo: Stig Forsberg

LPs from 1976: Sundance w. Gilbert Holmström, Ulf Wakenius a.o. (Harvest E062-35289),
and Alice Babs & Titti på Berns: Glädjen (RCA YSLP 1-581)

LPs from 1976: Vargavinter (Silence SRS 4637), and
Archimedes Badkar II (MNW 62-63P)

LPs from 1976 and 1977: Eskimo Heat by Häxmjölk (Metronome MLP 15599), and
Ann-Kristin Hedmark & Sandvik Big Band (Philips 6316 101)

 Lars Lystedt: Blues After Dark   Label: Dragon DRLP 15   12" LP 1977

 Okay Temiz Oriental Wind   Label: Sonet SNTF 737 (UK)   12" LP 1977

 Lennart Jonken Jonsson - Lars Sjösten: As Time Goes By   Label: Dragon DRLP 11  
12" LP 1977   Design: Magdalena Sandlund

LPs from 1977: As You Are by Karin Krog and Nils Lindberg (RCA PL40015),
and Archimedes Badkar Tre (MNW 78P)

LPs from 1977: Ralph Lundsten´s Andromeda All Stars (EMI Harvest C 062-35340),
and Eje Thelin Live -76 (Caprice CAP 2007:1-2)

 EGBA Live at Montmartre   Label: Sonet SLP-2595   12" LP 1977
 Design: Lars Jonsson   Photo: Jan Persson

 Förklädd Gud (God in Disquise): Jazz i Sverige 77   Label: Caprice CAP 1125  
12" LP 1977    Design: Lars Kolsrud

 The Unique Lalle Svensson   Label: EMI 7C 062-35560   12" LP 1978
 Photo: Elon Lindberg

 Rune Öfwerman: Glenn Miller Is Missing   Label: Sonet SLP-2606   12" LP 1978
 Design: Wagner

 Sansara Music Band   Label: Sonet SLP-2607   12" LP 1978
 Design: Peter Wiking   Photo: Torbjörn Calvero

 Lars Werner - Christer Boustedt   Label: Bellatrix BLP 702   12" LP 1978
 Design and photo: Dan Tillberg

LPs from 1978: Meta Roos & Nippe Sylwens Band (Click LP 2878),
and Archimedes Badkar + Afro 70: Bado Kidogo (MNW 91P)

   Lokomotiv Konkret (Urspår 1) and Christer Boustedt Quintet (Dragon DRLP 17)
LPs from 1978

LPs with Alice Babs from 1978: Far Away Star (Phontastic 50-11)
and Simple Isn´t Easy (Bluebell 104)

LPs from 1978: Jazz i Sverige -79 by Mount Everest (Caprice CAP 1177)
and Belsta River by Gabor Szabo (Four Leaf FLC 5030)

 Don Cherry: Live Ankara   Label: Sonet SNTF 669 (UK)   12" LP 1978
 Design and tapestry: Moki Cherry

 Salih Baysal with Okay Temiz, Maffy Falay a.o.: The Myth   Label: Sonet SNTF 739 (UK)  
12" LP 1978    Painting: Wolfgang Jagusch

 Knud Jörgensen in Stockholm   Label: Ö Records L19   12" LP 1978

 Oriental Wind: Chila-Chila   Label: Sonet SNTF 809 (UK)   12" LP c.1979
 Design: Dan Ahlquist   Photo: Jörgen Boo

 Lars Werner: That's why I drink!   Label: Dragon DRLP 20   12" LP 1979

 Åke Johansson: På heder och samvete   Label: Tonart 6   12" LP 1979
 Illustration: Eric Werner

LPs from 1979-80: Lars Gullin på Gyllene Cirkeln (EMI 7C 062-35627 M),
and Lars Gullin with Strings (Sonet SLP-2659). Both recorded live mid 1960s

 Cornelis Vreeswijk - Jazz Incorporated   Label: Four Leaf FLC 5046   12" LP 1979